Press & Press Tools is one of the most renowned and trustworthy names in the arena of Mechanical Press Products in the market. it delivers custom made designs across all their Mechanical Presses and their unmatched quality standard is the key to success. The manufacturing is equally backed up by a strong, punctual and dedicated task force in Customer & After-Sales service. All the Presses are manufactured in a Hi-Tech manufacturing plant assuring high quality outputs and cost effective solutions for our customers. Today our brand carries the tag of high quality, reliability and trust among all our customers, nationally and internationally.
1980: Mr. Pukhraj G. Malvi an innovative entrepreneur in his initial days started a small scale unit for making sheet metal mold dye. As time progressed the company started making Plastic mold dye, Bakelite mold dye and Ceramic mold dye.
1982: The company started manufacturing Mechanical Press Machine which gave a new dimension to this company which once started on a small scale level.
1990: The first manufacturing plant started in Odhav, Ahmedabad.
1995: The first Perforating Machine manufacturing started in the plant.
1997: The Company started one more manufacturing plant in Uday Estate to cater to the increasing demand for its quality products. This second plant was managed by Mr. Dineshbhai, son of Mr. Pukhrajbhai.
2004: The Company started making Pneumatic Cross Shaft Press adding to the range of products.
2008: The Company started manufacturing High Speed Press Machines. Mr. Sanjaybhai, son of Pukhrajbhai started manufacturing these machines. Mr. Sanjaybhai knew the nuances of the machines as he was a qualified Mechanical Engineer.
2011: This year witnessed a big growth for the company as they started to cater to the needs of international clientele. The company started exporting their products and it also added a wide range of products in their kitty. Our company manufactures C Frame and H frame presses in capacities ranging from 20 to 300 tons. These presses are used for stamping, cutting, bending, shallow and deep drawing, punching and forming operations. Not only our customers but our employees have high regards for our unmatched quality and our reputation in making Mechanical Presses.


We strive to deliver quality and durability. Preventive maintenance is a big part of our success story. We perform systematic inspections and corrections before breakdowns occur or before they develop into major faults. On existing machines we can actualize the electric systems and software to reach better performances.


Press & Press Tools has a corporate philosophy of delivering high quality products by implementing the latest Technology resulting into unmatched quality standards and at competitive prices. The company today is a leading name in the category of high quality and top performance mechanical presses.


Dedication to producing the top performance mechanical presses with latest Technology resulting into unmatched quality products for our customers.


Press & Press Tools have achieved the success today because of implementing latest technology in its Designing and production. Press & Press Tools has left no leaf unturned in offering high quality, durable and cost effective products over the years & hence has won the trust and satisfaction from all its clients spread nationally and across the globe.