Two Point Suspensions
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  • Well designed control station for easy operations.
  • Stroke counter, slide adjustment indicator provided on machine.
  • Fabricated steel slide running in extra-long guides to ensure perfected alignment.
  • Fly wheel & motor guards.
  • Hydraulic overloaded safety. (Optional)
  • Bearing temperature sensor is an optional feature. This prevents damage to major bearings by stopping machine if bearing temperature exceeds preset values.
  • Combination clutch and brake with inter-locking of functions and dual solenoid valve to ensure “Fail safe operation.
  • Motorised lubrication system, centrally controlled and monitored, so that in case of any fault in the system the machine stops immediately.
  • Welded steel construction with maximum rigidity and lowest deflection.
  • Variable speed drive for wide range and quick selections of speed.



The single frame is of steel welded construction. It is made from fusion-welding quality steel and is fully stress relieved. The deflection of frame is kept within close limits by well chosen design parameters. This helps in maintaining close clearance between Die and Punch, resulting in quality stamping and increased tool life.


The box type construction of the slide is designed for maximum rigidity. The pitman connecting links using ball joints are designed for maximum weight, also giving slide adjustment setting accuracy upto 0,025 mm. This helps faster machine set up & improved tool safety during set up.


Pneumatic Counter Balances are provided to counter the weight of the slide and tooling which help in talking up the bearing clearances and further ease slide adjustment.


A lockable selector switch for ONCE, INCH & CONTINUOUS mode of operation is provided. The press is equipped with highly reliable Dual Solenoid Valve which prevents faulty operation by electrical lockout. ‘Top Stop’ to stop the press at Top Dead Center, Two Hand Engagement Device, ‘Emergency Stop’ are some of the other standard features.


The precision ground crank shaft, rotating in extra thick walled nickel-phosphor bronze bearings, is driven through a pneumatic clutch-brake combination. Specially designed extra supports lift the main shaft assembly to balance it evenly at both ends. This also allows pre-loading of main bearings in the direction of load to desired extent, thereby extending the life of the main bearing bushes. The flywheel is driven by an energy-efficient AC variable speed drive. A digital readout on the panel indicates the strokes per minute of the ram.


Reciprocating machine cause higher dynamic loads, so in case of a spring supported system a fairly big foundation may become necessary to keep the motion response low, this way vibration and structure borne noise can be avoided.


All essential points receive adequate quantity of pressurised metered oil through a motorised central lubrication system. This system is interlocked with the main press control. As a further safety, it is so arranged that the press can be started only with a “delay” after lubrication has started.


Model PPH-63 PPH-100 PPH-125 PPH-160 PPH-200
Capacity at 20° before BDC at
Max. Stroke Tonne 63 100 125 160 200
Stroke Fixed 30 30 30 30 30
Speed Variable Min. 100 100 80 100 80
Max. 300 300 250 200 200
Shut Height from Table to Slide 340 360 380 400 400
Face with Slide down, Adjustment up Slide Adjustment
Slide Adjustment 40 40 40 50 50
Bolster Area LR 850 1100 1300 1400 1800
FB 630 700 800 800 900
Slide Area LR 790 1000 1200 1300 1700
FB 450 500 600 700 700
Table Opening LR 710 900 1100 1220 1535
FB 200 200 210 280 350
Opening in Bolster A S R E Q U I R E D
Opening in Uprights FB 300 350 400 300 450
HT 300 350 400 360 450
Bolster Thickness 120 130 140 150 180
Height of Table from floor 900 1000 1000 1000 1000
Main Motor Power HP 10 15 20 25 30
Air Supply Bar 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5


  • Vibration Pad
  • Roll Feed/Gripper Feed
  • Die Area Safety Guard
  • Decoiler
  • Straightener
  • Sharp Chopper
  • Recoiler
  • Quick Die Changing
  • Flywheel Brake


  • Electrical Suitable for 400/440 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Cycle, Ac Mains Including Variable Speed Motor
  • Hydraulic Jam Release Device
  • Motorised Ram Adjustment
  • Solenoid Valve
  • Automatic Lubrication Pump
  • Rotor Seal
  • Cam Limit Switch
  • Slide Counter Balancers
  • Slide Adjustment Indicator
  • Foundation Drawing
  • Stroke Counter